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Body Oils are worn just as you would spray cologne/perfumes. You roll a little bit of your favorite Ladies Body Oils, Mens Body Oils or Unisex Body Oils on your wrist and rub your wrists together and spread it on your clothes or other parts of your body. Body Oils last a lot longer than spray colognes/perfumes, simply because body oils are very concentrated and are not diluted with alcohol. In many instances you will smell the body oils in your clothes even after you wash them.
We also carry fragrance oils which are also known as candle oils, burning oils, potpourri oils.
They can be found in the Fragrance Oils category. Select the Fragrance Oils category to see our
wide selection that can be used for soap or candle making

To place an order

  • Click on Product Category (such as Mens Body Oils) on left side of page
  • Select a subcategory if available.
  • Click on product, enter quantity and choose size if needed, click buy to add product to basket
  • Click "Shopping Cart" link at top right of page to checkout, then follow instructions
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  • Visit handbagjunky.com to browse our new designer-quality handbags!
  • Sugar Scrubs are in! Choose a body oil and select sugar scrub to purchase your favorite scent as a sugar scrub!
  • The following type fragrances:
    • Michael Kors Gold (L)
    • Jean Patou Joy Forever (L)
    • Davidoff Night Dive (M)
    • Joop! Miss Wild (L)
    • XOXO Luv (L)
Coming Soon!....
  • Natural Hair Shea Butter Mix
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion Clothing
  • New body oils
    • Bonbon Viktor & Rolf
    • Untold Absolu
    • Lacoste L!ve
    • Sugar Cat Pussy Deluxe

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  • (L) means Ladies Body Oils, (M) means Mens Body Oils, (U) means Unisex Body Oils, (A) means Adult Body Oils, (FO) means Fragrance Oils, (BO) means Burning Oils
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Unique Oils is not FDA regulated. All of our products are recommended for external use only. Unique Oils does not sell items for use in food.