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Chance Eau Vive Body Oil (Ladies) type

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Chance Eau Vive Perfume by Chanel, Splash on the hints of warm summer adventures and feminine charm with Chance Eau Vive, a vibrant women’s fragrance. This mesmerizing perfume combines citrus, floral and woody accords for a rich and botanical aroma that leaves a pleasantly refreshing mist lingering in the air behind you. Top notes of exotic blood orange, juicy grapefruit and other citrus accents open the scent for an electrifying, zesty wake-up call you’ll rejoice in as an early-morning boost of energy. Middle notes of white musk and night-blooming jasmine add a rich, more sensual touch that’s intensely alluring. Finally, base notes of blue iris, vetiver and woody cedar finish the concoction with their earthy, neutral tones, leaving a well-rounded and captivating perfume any free-spirited young lady would enjoy during the warmer months.