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Dolly Girl Body Oil (Ladies) type

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Dolly Girl Perfume by Anna Sui, Released in 2003, Dolly Girl is a playful fragrance meant to evoke fond memories of being a young girl playing grownup with her mother’s perfumes. The women’s perfume by Anna Sui is a fantastical scent with an eccentric composition of delectable fruits and mesmerizing florals. The scent begins with top notes of hot and sweet cinnamon, fresh melon, mouthwatering apple and citrusy bergamot. Lush magnolia, powdery violet, piercing jasmine, bright lily-of-the-valley and feminine rose combine in the heart of the fragrance. Alluring base notes of teakwood essence, ripe red strawberry, sensual amber, warming musk, chocolate-tinged vetiver and tangy raspberry perfectly balance the scent.