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Lacoste Body Oil (Men) type

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Lacoste Cologne by Lacoste, Lacoste for men, born in 1984 from the French fashion design brand of the same name, was the first fragrance released by this famous sportswear maker. Like the company's fashions and watches, this scent is made for action. Invigorating top notes of lime and lemon coupled to bergamot invite a first look. Strokes of soft lavender and sage mellow the zing of the initial citrus blast. The core unveils soothing florals carnation, jasmine and geranium anchored by satin-spiced accords of basil, galbanum and tangy green notes. Underpinning the fun of the top layers, the seriousness of musk couched in sweet amber and tonka bean embrace the earthiness of vetiver and oakmoss on the bottom.