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New Harlem NY Body Oil (Ladies) type

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New Haarlem Perfume by Bond No. 9, New Haarlem is a wonderfully layered perfume for the modern city-dweller. The fragrance, launched in 2003, is warm and inviting. It is a lovely choice as a signature scent for year-round enjoyment. Sparkling bergamot is the top note, instantly brightening the mood and clearing your mind. Herbaceous lavender and green notes cut into the sweetness of the citrus and lend an airy freshness. Coffee and cedar blend together for a warm, deep middle. The milky profile of the wood lets the sharp, refreshing aroma of the coffee shine. Amber gives the base a hint of strength, while tonka bean, vanilla, and patchouli add a sugary spice. Sophisticated and unique, this perfume appeals to a contemporary sensibility.