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Tiffany & Love Body Oil (Men) type

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Tiffany & Love Cologne by Tiffany, Revitalize your base instincts and become one with nature again when you embrace wearing Tiffany & Love, an invigorating men's fragrance. This rugged cologne boasts aromatic, woody and spicy accords for a rich and earthy aroma you'll feel confident wearing anywhere from the boardroom to the corner pub. Top notes of cardamom, mandarin orange and ginger ignite the senses with their bold, tart intensity, while middle notes of fresh cypress and juniper infuse the concoction with a sharp, herbal tone that's entirely refreshing. Finally, notes of vetiver, sandalwood and sequoia at the base lend a soothing balance to the striking energy of the scent, for an altogether daring and masculine fragrance that's bound to be intriguing to anyone in a close radius.